Triluma Hydroquinone Usp 4% +Tretinoin Cream

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This product is only available to medical practitioners, licensed skin specialists and on prescription.
Please note that unsupervised use of this product may cause irreversible damage.

Triluma Cream is used to treat melasma. It helps in quick skin renewal. It provides relief from redness, swelling and itching . Melasma consists of dark (hyperpigmented) spots on facial skin, especially on the cheeks and forehead. This condition usually happens with hormone changes

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TRI LUMA contains Fluocinolone 0.01%, Hydroquinone 4% and Tretinoin 0.05%


Always apply this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you
Gently wash your face with a mild cleanser
Apply a thin coat onto the discolored spot(s). Include about 1/2 inch of normal skin surrounding the affected area

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Specific Concerns

Dark Spots, Discolouration


11 Customer reviews

  1. Nneka (verified owner)

    Bought this product to treat a melasma on my nose. I’ve had this melasma for almost two years now and nothing seemed to work. I’m happy that after about 5weeks of using this cream, the spot is clearing. I use it as a spot treatment and always protect the area from sun exposure.
    I don’t know how long it will take to clear completely but so far, so good.

  2. Maryam (verified owner)

    I used this under the supervision of a dermatologist it is really really good for clearing your dark spots, large pores , smoothens textures on the skin. It can get addictive because the results are amazing but you need a very good moisturizer and sunscreen. A little shedding in the beginning but better as your skin gets used to it. Don’t use with other products. Simple regimen with this at night only. Use for a short period of time very little goes a long way

  3. infamousife (verified owner)

    I have been battling with melasma for years and I have been using the wrong things until I read up about Triluma. This cleared up 90% of my melasma and my skin feels really different.
    It boosted my confidence too and I have triluma to thank for this.

  4. Ope (verified owner)

    this is the holy grail for hyperpigmentation and discoloration honestly. but if you want to start this treatment make sure you use a sunscreen every day when going out.

  5. Sarah Adebesin (verified owner)

    Triluma works effectively for melasma, dull skin, and hyperpigmentation. Just make sure not to overdo it, and invest in a very good moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning. It’s best to use it at night only. Peeling and irritation may occur at first, but that’s the product working. I follow up with the Topicrem soothing creme to soothe the irritation. I’m happy that I followed the recommendation I got from Teeka4. This product is truly value for money!

  6. Uju (verified owner)

    My best so far for hyperpigmentation! Cos I ve tried even the costly product like touch cream and others they did not work on my face. Just 3days used I am smiling 😊 🥰! Thank you Teek4 and others for always putting up reviews on product here, it was the reviews I saw that helped me purchase this. And it’s worth the purchase and money spent.
    I got value for my money!

  7. Isabel (verified owner)

    Triluma, the holy grail for hyperpigmentation and melasma🔥

  8. Amara (verified owner)

    Holy grail for hyperpigmentation and melasma…, worked for me….

  9. Amara (verified owner)

    Holy grail for hyperpigmentation and melasma…, worked for me….

  10. Amara (verified owner)

    Holy grail for hyperpigmentation and melasma…, worked for me….

  11. Salls (verified owner)

    Best product for hyperpigmentation ( sunburn) cleared mine within a week .

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