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Dove Body Love Silky Pampering Body Cream 300ml


Dove Body Love Silky Pampering Body Cream helps to pamper and perfectly moisturize your skin, leaving it hydrated, soft and silky for up to 24 hours. 

It allows you to show your skin all of the love and care it deserves. In fact, moisturizing is a key step in maintaining your skin’s softness and resilience, so finding a product that suits your needs and preferences is important. So, if you want to pamper your skin, this cream is a great choice. By making it a part of your body care routine, you’ll achieve silky and perfectly nourished skin. Its formula is enriched with moisturizing ingredients that provide your skin with the moisture and nourishment it needs to look and feel healthy. In fact, it boasts ceramide restoring serum, which is a blend of ingredients that support the skin’s natural production of ceramides, helping to maintain a healthy and strong moisture barrier. Therefore, when applied, this body cream makes the skin hydrated, soft, and smooth for up to 24 hours. Even more, its rich and soft texture perfectly melts into the skin, leaving it comfortable and sumptuous. This will make the application pleasurable, turning your daily moisturizing routine into a relaxing and indulgent moment. In summary, if you are looking for deeply moisturized, silky-soft skin, this cream is the perfect choice for you!

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Sunflower Oil is an emollient, helping to hydrate and smooth the skin. It also helps to restore irritated skin barrier and natural production of ceramides.


Apply a generous amount of Dove Body Love Silky Pampering Body Cream  onto clean and dry skin of the body. Gently massage the skin using circular motions, until the product is fully absorbed.

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