How To Redeem Your Gift Cards

Step 1

Locate Your Gift Card Code
Check your email for a message from Teeka4 containing your unique gift card code. It's a series of alphanumeric characters that ensures the security of your shopping experience.

Step 2

Log In or Create an Account
Visit the Teeka4 website and log in to your existing account. If you're new to Teeka4, take a moment to create an account. This step is crucial for securely managing your store credit and tracking your purchases.

Step 3

Start Shopping
Add your items to your cart and checkout. After your total, there is a section to redeem your gift card.

Step 4

Enter Your Gift Card Code
In the designated field, enter the unique gift card code you received in your email. Take care to input it accurately to avoid any issues.

Step 5

Click "Redeem"
Once you've entered the code, click the "Redeem" button. This action adds the gift card amount to your store credit wallet.

Step 6

You'll see a confirmation message indicating that the gift card has been successfully redeemed. Your store credit balance will be updated accordingly.

Step 7

Use Your Store Credit
You can then use your store credit balance to purchase your cart items by clicking on the “APPLY STORE CREDITS DISCOUNT” Button.

Step 8

Access Store Credit
Once logged in, navigate to your account dashboard. You can usually find this option at the top right corner of the website. Look for the "Store Credit" section within your account dashboard. This is where you'll manage your credit balance Remember, your store credit is valid for future purchases, and you can view your remaining balance in the "Store Credit" section of your account at any time.

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Need Further Assistance?
If you encounter any further issues, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll be happy to assist you.